Que Audio is trading division of Australian company Syncrotech Systems Design Pty Ltd (ABN 53 002 391906), a member of the Syncrotech Group of companies which holds a 32 year pedigree in the Australian professional audio and multimedia markets.

    Que Audio has developed a variety of microphones and accessories for performance, audio/video solutions and smartphone applications, with a reputation for innovation and quality which has seen performance and solution products well accepted by industry professionals internationally.

    Look for and insist on the Q seal of quality assurance!

    Que Audio Head Office:
    Unit 26,
    43 - 51 College Street,
    Gladesville NSW 2111

    Phone +61 (0)2 9879 0800
    Fax +61 (0)2 9879 0899

    Email: onlinesales@queaudio.com